Managed WordPress Hosting

Let us take care of the administrative maintenance for your WordPress website, so you can focus on managing the rest of your site.

WordPress is open source software. That means it needs fairly frequent updates – to the WordPress core software, as well as to plugins and themes that you use on your site – in order to stay secured and fast.

WordPress websites also should have their security protected and monitored. Open-source platforms can be more open to hacking – but a properly configured security plugin drastically reduces the chances of this.

Another way that you protect your site in case it does get hacked, or if something goes wrong with your server is to make sure regular backups are happening and that they are stored in another location separate from your website files.

Most of our clients prefer to have us take care of the technical aspects of running their site with our Managed WordPress Hosting. This frees them to focus on the content of the site or other aspects of running their business or organization.

Get peace of mind with your WordPress hosting today

$20 per month
This plan is perfect for blogging sites, small businesses or organizations who want to focus their efforts on content, and leave basic administrative tasks to someone else. When content help is needed, we are available at our regular hourly rate.

$75 per month
Our Starter Plan, plus:

Our most popular plan gives support for admin tasks like WordPress updates, but also an assist in getting content published. Additional content management time can be added at a regular hourly rate. Our annual review looks at how your site is working for you, with suggestions for making it more effective.
$200 per month
Our Business Plan, plus:
Quarterly review of site content & effectiveness
This plan is for sites with more active content changes, and for organizations who want help not just with content, but with keeping their site effective. Our quarterly review includes a look at your site metrics from Google Analytics and an evaluation of your site content, with suggestions for making your site more effective.